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A Smashing Nintendo Sale!! -Week 2

And so on the eleventh day of the ninth month in the year two-thousand and fourteen, Nintendo revealed the following games to be on sale at a discounted price, in honor of the foretold coming of the Smash Bros. : Wii... Continue Reading →


Progress > Art ?

"Readers do not expect a year’s new crop of novels to eclipse the Western canon. Nor do filmgoers anticipate that this fall’s Oscar bait will surpass a century’s worth of cinema. Yet many video game players, wedded to notions of... Continue Reading →

PS+ REVIEW: Proteus

PROTEUS In this "game" you explore a pixelated 2D-world within a 3D space.  You explore the world in three dimensions, however everything is heavily pixelated and 2-dimensional. You move through this space in first-person with little-to-no real interaction in the traditional sense.... Continue Reading →

So I'm thinking I'll do this thing, where I review "old" PS3 games that I download for free from Playstation Plus. I'm so cheap (because I'm saving up for a big move) that I can't really buy every game I... Continue Reading →

A Smashing Nintendo Sale!

I woke up this morning to find out (via email from Nintendo) that to celebrate the imminent release of the new Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS, select games on the Nintendo eShop will be offered at a discounted price until... Continue Reading →

Tales From Eorzea: End of an Era

The main scenario of Final Fantasy XIV ends with a bang or two...or three.Completing the main scenario of Final Fantasy XIV: ARR was, while ultimately satisfying, somewhat disappointing. Why was it disappointing you ask? Because enjoying it was left in the... Continue Reading →

The Maelstrom of Misogyny

I don't want to talk much about the recent uproar within the gaming community concerning misogyny and hate because I’m just so tired from it all. I’m exhausted from all the reading and feeling disgusted and angry about this sorry... Continue Reading →

Tales from Eorzea

I am a big fan of the original Square Enix MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, and after I sadly decided to walk away from that grand adventure I always hoped they would make an updated version. Instead we got the beautiful but massive... Continue Reading →

Art Gallery Unlocked!

8 Bit and Beyond: 2, an art gallery I attended yesterday evening showcased some amazing work by various artists. Held in the Bottleneck Art Gallery in Brooklyn, beer, cheese puffs, and brownies were served (no charge!) to an appreciative and... Continue Reading →

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