Gaming Onus

A Journal Chronicling my Gaming Journeys



On Fiction: Narrative and Gaming

I discuss my thoughts on Easter eggs, narrative, and game design after reading an essay in the New York Times.


Game Backlog Part Deux

Here we are again, discussing my game backlog. It's gotten worse however. I have more new games from Christmas and elsewhere while still owning unopened games from the year before! So I went and checked the checklist of games I... Continue Reading →

Play Journal

So I've been wanting to get back into writing, and writing about games, but haven't known how for a long time now. With the news of the Miiverse no longer being supported on the new Nintendo Switch and a rekindled... Continue Reading →

Plague Inc. and Morality

I discovered Plague Inc. while interning at Games for Change. I downloaded it to my phone, created my bacteria "H1N10" (the bigger the number the more deadly right?), and cleverly guided it through its genetic mutations while it infected and killed millions... Continue Reading →

Where I jumped aboard the E3 2014 Hype Train and got back into gaming. God bless E3 and all the game-obsessed souls on the internet for becoming crazed and rabid by it all. After weeks of not really playing games and... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Video Game Blog

So this is my video game blog. I finally made one. Well to  be fair, I still have one but I only posted one thing on it and it has a super lame name. This is my new-official-for-keepsakes blog. I... Continue Reading →

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