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Play Style: “Authentic”

Self-imposed rules of playing a game in character leads to stress and fun.


Night in the Woods – We’re all Animals Just Trying to Survive

Still playing Night in the Woods, Still feeling bummed about life.

First Impressions: Wargroove

I bought the charming spiritual successor to Advance Wars, Wargroove!

Two Nights in Strawberry: Tales from West Elizabeth

Arthur Morgan recollects a debt collection and bounty near the town of Strawberry.

Why Am I No Good at Being Bad?

I explore why I have a hard time being a jerk in games.

Night in the Woods

My first Night in the Woods

P.S. I Loved You

So about that relationship with Makoto...

Persona 5: Thoughts and Feelings

After finally finishing Persona 5, I finally get (most of) my thoughts out on this truly fantastic game.

When Savoring a Game Ends Up Souring It

I put off finishing Persona 5, and I'm regretting it

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