This is Gaming Onus!

Onus – used to refer to something that is one’s duty or responsibility (Google definition).

I like the look and sound of onus, and once I saw this definition I felt it would also work as a unique blog name but also be fitting as to a Gamer’s responsibility or duty. What is a gamer’s responsibility/duty? To play and enjoy games of course! But also to play a wide variety of games. A gamer plays a game to the fullest, honestly, and with the zeal of a 5-year old playing Super Mario World for the first time. So with that said, this blog is about gaming. This includes opinion pieces on gaming-news, gaming-previews, gaming-related-news, and even reviews.

My name is David and (for now) I am the sole writer. I’m 24 years old. I graduated with an English Degree, so I’m sort of a word-freak, especially when it comes to alliteration. I’ve been playing video games since I was 5 years old, my first game being Super Mario World on the SNES. I still love games to this day and read up on them as much as possible. I’m an avid console gamer, but in the past year have given some serious thought to making the switch to PC because of Steam and all the amazing digital deals on PC versions of games. I currently work at Starbucks and I intern at the amazing Games for Change. In my spare time I like to write and take photos. You can check out my photography blog here, and up above. If you want to get in touch drop me a comment or email me at