So I’ve been wanting to get back into writing, and writing about games, but haven’t known how for a long time now. With the news of the Miiverse no longer being supported on the new Nintendo Switch and a rekindled interest in my Wii U, I believe I have found a solution!

One piece of information to come out after the Nintendo Switch presentation/announcement just a short while ago was that the fantastic Nintendo-made social media platform for the Wii U and 3DS, the Miiverse, would not make the leap to the Switch. The loss of the Miiverse going forward is disappointing to say the least. The Miiverse was Nintendo’s social media bubble for users of the Wii U and 3DS systems. It was a community where players could post screenshots, drawings, tips and advice on games, and even make journal entries to go along with screenshots. I found the feature inadvertently one day while opening the app from the home screen on the gamepad while playing a game. I began chronicling my adventures across various games, but especially the Legend of Zelda series. It was almost exactly a year ago that I decided to revisit each game in the series and log my journey through the various iterations of Hyrule within the Zelda universe. Now I fear that all those entries will be lost when Nintendo inevitably shuts down and deletes the Miiverse. I don’t want to lose all those entries!

An example log entry from my Play Journal via the Miiverse.

So I’ve decided to continue and expand my “Play Journal” to the PS4 and whatever other systems I may play on. This is the way I can get back into writing about games! I will have to figure out the best/easiest way to grab screenshots and share them here in the same easy way the Miiverse provided. I’m confident I will though.

Happy gaming!