Here we are again, discussing my game backlog. It’s gotten worse however. I have more new games from Christmas and elsewhere while still owning unopened games from the year before! So I went and checked the checklist of games I owned from back in September 2016. Here’s a look at where I stand:

Games I Wanted to Beat, But Most Likely Won’t:
>Beyond Good & Evil [PS3] -It’s a classic, underrated game, and I may never play it despite digitally owning it on the PlayStation 3.

>Ico & Shadow of the Colossus [PS3] (I bought the HD remaster for the PS3 soooooo long ago and wanted to subject my fiance to the power of games to tell an intimate strange story. We played some of Ico, but I’m itching to get back on Shadow of the Colossus)

>Ni No Kuni [PS3] – (!!! This game looks A-MA-ZING. It looks like a Studio Ghibli RPG, and yet I’ve only played maybe the first hour. I will probably never play.)

>Katamari Forever [PS3] – (I LOOOVE the Katamari series, but I just don’t know if I can go back to PS3. This is my real excuse for all of the above).

Games that Still Have Hope:
>Shovel Knight [Wii U] – I just started playing this again after watching some pros play it at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017. It’s so fun and authentically “retro”. I need to finish this sometime soon.

>The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks [DS] – I started this over and then completely forgot about it all over again… *Sigh*

>Xenoblade Chronicles [3DS] – Ugh!!! This game is so cool, but the vastness and length of the game from what I’ve been told make touching this game again a daunting task. I’ll have to pick up though. I really WANT TO.

>Fire Emblem Awakening [3DS] – I never played a Fire Emblem game before this one, and I sorely miss the Advance Wars series. This seems the closest to turn-based grid strategy as I can get. It’s a gorgeous game and pretty fun, but also very difficult. I’ve actually just returned to this game and hope to complete it sometime soon.

>Paper Mario: Sticker Star Saga [3DS] – Yet another game that I got impatient and started before completing any number of other games I’m in the middle of. I need to finish this one to give it a chance, but so far I’m not crazy about the battle system.

>Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain [PS4] – I’m smack in the middle of this game and I’m still pretty conflicted. It’s so unlike any other MGS title and so strange that like Peace Walker I don’t want to count it as canon in my head, but it’s so fun that I want to complete it as thoroughly as possible and see it through to the end.

>Uncharted 3 [PS4] – This HD port of the PS3 masterpiece came as part of the HD collection with my PS4. I wanted to play through them all again because they were so fun, to see what “HD” on the PS4 would look like, prepare for Uncharted 4’s eventual release, and also show it off to my fiance. These games were great action-set pieces with story. The closest I think gaming has ever come to being a playable Indiana Jones.

Games I Have Yet to Start/Open:
>Earthbound [Wii U] – This SNES classic has been sitting on my virtual console on the Wii U for MONTHS now. I really don’t know when I will start it, but I really want to.

>Professor Layton v. Phoenix Wright [3DS] – The prospect of this game crossover was so enticing but I never even opened it! I’ve been playing through original Phoenix Wright Trilogy however, so maybe I’ll finally be ready to play this soon…

>Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask [3Ds] – Honestly I think this game is just waiting for a good time when my fiance and I can sit and play this together. We’ve played pretty much all of them together so far so I feel as though we have to wait for eachother.

>Far Cry 4 [PS4] – I wanted this game SO BADLY when it first debuted at E3 so many moons ago. I got it around Christmas when I got my PS4 and still never even opened it. How sad.

>The Evil Within [PS4] – Another victim of black friday shopping and then neglect for more than two years.

>Shadow of Mordor GOTY [PS4] – What an AMAZING game. So I’ve heard and read just about everywhere and from everyone. Yet I can’t seem to finish my other games and then get to this. I simply HAVE to play this this year!

>Life is Strange [PS4] – This episodic tale has been high on my must-plays for a while now, and yet all I’ve done is play maybe the first ten minutes.

>The Wolf Among Us [PS4] – Another Telltale, episodic adventure that I HAVE to play, and yet I haven’t started.

>Wolfenstein: the Old Blood [PS4] – Wolfenstein itself was enough blood and gore for me. I don’t know that I have the stomach to enter this prequel DLC. Perhaps one day.

And more!
>Rise of the Tomb Raider [PS4] – Got this on Black Friday and haven’t had a chance to even read the back cover.
>Final Fantasy XV [PS4] – Received this for Christmas.
>Uncharted 4 [PS4] – Another Christmas gift.
>Assassin’s Creed Unity [PS4] – I know it wasn’t well received but I still want to play this, so of course I bought it for $5 and added it to my ever increasing backlog.
>Pokemon Moon [3DS] – I was all excited for this brand new Pokemon adventure and haven’t even slipped the cartridge into my 3DS.
>The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS [3DS] – It was on sale and I caved and bought my favorite game of all time even though I’ve played it a bunch of times. I’m terrible.

I could go on, and on, and on because there are lots of free PS Plus games I didn’t count here, all my Steam games on PC, and probably more I’m forgetting.