Wow! 2014 is over and well behind us now. 2015 marks a new year of gaming and growing.

When I think of 2014 and gaming I can’t help but think of a lot of the bad. The long-drawn out harassment of female gamers/designers/commenters and the unpolished “AAA” games that shipped towards the end of the year. There was good too of course, but the whole gamergate debacle seems to overshadow anything else. Here’s hoping twenty-fifteen is a much better and more progressive year for the gaming industry without too many hiccups, as there are bound to be some.

I got a ton of gaming related goodies for Christmas that I can’t wait to dig into: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Professor Layton vs. Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney, a Link Amiibo, The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia Book, and a GoodSmile Toon Link figure! I received so many new games and still have such a large backlog of games to either beat or play that I don’t know where to start. From my Steam library to the 3DS, PS3 and Wii U, I have a about forty-nine games to complete. So I’ve decided to begin keeping track of my backlog of games and any new additions for this year. I also desperately want to build a sweet desktop PC to complete my Steam library of games.

Feel free to check out my current backlog here. Do you have a library full of untouched or incomplete games? How big is your backlog and do you have plans to tackle it for the year of 2015? Feel free to comment and let me know.