The main scenario of Final Fantasy XIV ends with a bang or two…or three.

Iceler Lang
Getaway joyride on some magitek armor from an imperial stronghold.

Completing the main scenario of Final Fantasy XIV: ARR was, while ultimately satisfying, somewhat disappointing. Why was it disappointing you ask? Because enjoying it was left in the hands of my fellow adventurers. This isn’t the fault of Square Enix though, or the developers behind the game (not completely). The ending main scenario Duty/Quest was action packed and seemed fitting for an ending, I couldn’t really tell. I was rushed through the whole ending, even excluded from one of the main boss battles. I blame my lousy end-game adventurers who joined me for the duty. They moved so quickly, flying through the imperial stronghold, that for most of the scenario I was playing catch-up. I ran through the entire empire headquarters alone and begrudged most of the action. Essentially I had to make a choice: watch the cut-scenes explaining and building up this decent-if-not-wholly-original plot and miss out on the awesome fighting, or skip through the story missing the reason for all the fighting and annoying fetch-quests and be thrust into the midst of battle. Perhaps I’m a minority within the world of Final Fantasy XIV, or perhaps MMMORPG’s in general; but I like me some story with my game. I like to know what I’m fighting for and what change I’m trying to bring about. I’m interested in most of the characters as they add …character to the world of Eorzea. I enjoy learning the lore and nuances of rival nations or peoples within the game. Why else did the writers and producers spend all that time creating this fantastical world?

At the end of the day I’m happy I completed the main scenario, although we all know there’s no real “completion” of an MMORPG. I’m over my initial anger as well. I’m just disappointed that my enjoyment of the final scenario was dictated by other players who wanted to rush through it. I don’t necessarily know what that solution is and perhaps there isn’t one, but it would have been nice if there were a way for me to enjoy the cutscenes without sacrificing the experience for first-timers and veterans alike.