8 Bit and Beyond: 2, an art gallery I attended yesterday evening showcased some amazing work by various artists. Held in the Bottleneck Art Gallery in Brooklyn, beer, cheese puffs, and brownies were served (no charge!) to an appreciative and transfixed crowd.  The art on display was worth the journey and did not disappoint.

A sampling of the art on display:

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Capcom’s cast of characters were feature prominently throughout, although a good portion of the art was a nostalgic nod to Nintendo. Gallery goers clamored around some very mature statues of Mario, a Metroid specimen, and a Mortal Kombat diorama. My two favorites were the “Resident Evil 3 x Rockwell” and “Starry Night” pieces (shown above). Had I not had a birthday engagement to attend shortly after, I definitely would have stuck around longer to snag something.  Luckily, if you missed out on the one-night gallery or had to make an abrupt exit, the featured art is now on sale via Bottleneck’s site.

The gallery: 8 Bit and Beyond: 2, curated by Chogrin, ran from 7-9pm at the Bottleneck Art Gallery in Brooklyn.