Have I mentioned lately how much I love Nintendo? I received the following glorious e-mail from Nintendo today:

Club Nintendo Platinum Member Gift
Platinum Member Thank You note from Club Nintendo.

Because I’m a Platinum Club Nintendo Member (I completely forgot I was a member!) I’m entitled to a free game on the Wii U, which I don’t have, or the 3DS via download. This is the best news I’ve had all month! The best value for a 3DS-only consumer in my opinion is definitely Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. This is a $30 title, for free! Other title’s include Dillon’s Rolling Western, Dr. Luigi, and Wario Land 2, among many others. So for all you platinum members (and gold as far as I understand) go get your FREE game courtesy of Nintendo before August 15th!

As of posting this, the Club Nintendo site is down for maintenance. I’m assuming it crashed from all the eager fans clamoring to claim their prizes.