Where I jumped aboard the E3 2014 Hype Train and got back into gaming.

God bless E3 and all the game-obsessed souls on the internet for becoming crazed and rabid by it all. After weeks of not really playing games and acting as a spectator, I’m finally back. I’m surprised that it was E3 that got me back into games, and yet it makes sense really.

E3 is a special time of year. Sure E3 has had it’s ups and downs; it’s controversies and triumphs. However, as a young, impressionable (and naive) gamer it was the one event I looked forward to without question. It marked the end of the school year, the beginning of summer, and the beginning of air-conditioned days spent inside tackling dungeons and monsters and riding golden chickens. It was also the only gaming event I knew of as a child, and EVERYTHING was announced and revealed during E3. It was only thanks to the (brilliant and gone-far-too-soon) EGM which arrived in my mail box each month  that I was able to pore over it all, getting ink stains all over my pudgy fingers. E3 is a fond memory for me. A magical event full of hope and wonder for the coming year of games and hardware.  It’s no wonder then that my child-like excitement would come flooding back to me. That itch in your leg, that anticipation in your chest growing larger and larger, that wide eyed all-consuming attention to what was coming next.

And so it was with much excitement, and a little bit of adult cynicism (let’s call it wisdom) that I was brought back into the fold of gaming through that grand-old spectacle: E3. The showfloor! The trailers! The elaborate stages! How can one not get thrown on the hype train and ride it gleefully, drunkenly along while gulping down the smorgasbord of new information, images, and videos; until finally stumbling off at the end of a week -long bender and digesting what was actually exciting and what was empty and not really fulfilling.  There were a lot of great looking games announced, and I was only too happy to be swept up in the hurricane of NEW. Now comes the time to reflect, criticize (I’m looking at you Ubisoft), applaud,  and look forward to next year’s festival of digital interaction.

Thanks to E3 and all the nostalgia-induced hype it produced, I think I’m back to my former self again. Here’s to another great summer of gaming.

Now playing: The Walking Dead Season 2  (PS3), Don’t Starve (PC), Final Fantasy XIV (PS3), and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS).