I’m in a non-gaming rut, and I’m beginning to worry I’ll never get out.

I haven’t touched my PS3 in weeks. Well, I’ve watched Netflix once or twice, downloaded a few free PlayStation Plus games, and tried to play a few of them; but I haven’t really touched my PS3 in weeks. I most recently played through several blockbuster titles: DmC, Tomb Raider , Assassin’s Creed IV, and Bioshock Infinite (thank you Playstation Plus membership). I couldn’t put any of these games down. I wouldn’t shut up to my friends about AC IV and Tomb Raider, they were all I thought about night and day. That was several weeks ago now however. I even stopped checking in on my town in Animal Crossing. I’ve become bored by games.

I first attributed this to having played some real adrenaline-pumping games and not having another triple-A title waiting for me. I even figured it was a phase and I just had to wait for the mood to strike me and then I’d gleefully be making tough decisions in season 2 of The Walking Dead or avoiding invisible monsters in rain. Yet every time I think about powering on the PS3 or even my 3DS I simply shrug my shoulders and move on. I don’t feel like bothering to play any of my games. It being at least more than a month now since I’ve really played, and enjoyed a game I’m beginning to wonder: “What’s wrong with me?”

Is this just a phase? Will it simply take the right game to get me out of this rut? Or am I simply done with gaming for the foreseeable future? (Please God, no). Have other people gone through a similar phase and how did they get out of it?