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A Journal Chronicling my Gaming Journeys

Gaming Backlog 2018

Help. For the past three years my game backlog has gotten worse. I don't even know how to rationally approach the flood anymore. I know it's not just me either, gamers everywhere are drowning in a sea of great games... Continue Reading →


On Fiction: Narrative and Gaming

I discuss my thoughts on Easter eggs, narrative, and game design after reading an essay in the New York Times.

On Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Oh Assassin's Creed, how I thought you'd changed. After skipping most recent entries of the series beginning with Unity I finally decided to swan dive back in with Odyssey. Truth be told, I'm only playing because of a little help... Continue Reading →

Tom Clancy’s: The Division Has Some Terrific Voice Acting

It's really too bad that The Division didn't become as successful as Ubisoft wanted it to be. I wound up buying the Division on sale last winter in order to play online with a friend. Surprisingly I really enjoyed myself. I hadn't played The... Continue Reading →

Play Journal- Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (pt.1)

My current thoughts and feelings on Hideo Kojima's magnum-opus in the Metal Gear franchise.

Game Backlog Part Deux

Here we are again, discussing my game backlog. It's gotten worse however. I have more new games from Christmas and elsewhere while still owning unopened games from the year before! So I went and checked the checklist of games I... Continue Reading →

Play Journal

So I've been wanting to get back into writing, and writing about games, but haven't known how for a long time now. With the news of the Miiverse no longer being supported on the new Nintendo Switch and a rekindled... Continue Reading →

2015: Looking Ahead to a Backlog of Games

Wow! 2014 is over and well behind us now. 2015 marks a new year of gaming and growing. When I think of 2014 and gaming I can't help but think of a lot of the bad. The long-drawn out harassment... Continue Reading →

Kickstart This: Elegy for a Dead World

I just backed my first Kickstarter project, Elegy for a Dead World, and I'm excited. I originally noticed the game last week via Rock, Paper, Shotgun who covered the game. After looking over the details of the project I was very intrigued indeed.... Continue Reading →

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