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Tom Clancy’s: The Division Has Some Terrific Voice Acting

It's really too bad that The Division didn't become as successful as Ubisoft wanted it to be. I wound up buying the Division on sale last winter in order to play online with a friend. Surprisingly I really enjoyed myself. I hadn't played The... Continue Reading →


Play Journal- Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (pt.1)

My current thoughts and feelings on Hideo Kojima's magnum-opus in the Metal Gear franchise.

Game Backlog Part Deux

Here we are again, discussing my game backlog. It's gotten worse however. I have more new games from Christmas and elsewhere while still owning unopened games from the year before! So I went and checked the checklist of games I... Continue Reading →

Play Journal

So I've been wanting to get back into writing, and writing about games, but haven't known how for a long time now. With the news of the Miiverse no longer being supported on the new Nintendo Switch and a rekindled... Continue Reading →

2015: Looking Ahead to a Backlog of Games

Wow! 2014 is over and well behind us now. 2015 marks a new year of gaming and growing. When I think of 2014 and gaming I can't help but think of a lot of the bad. The long-drawn out harassment... Continue Reading →

Kickstart This: Elegy for a Dead World

I just backed my first Kickstarter project, Elegy for a Dead World, and I'm excited. I originally noticed the game last week via Rock, Paper, Shotgun who covered the game. After looking over the details of the project I was very intrigued indeed.... Continue Reading →

Plague Inc. and Morality

I discovered Plague Inc. while interning at Games for Change. I downloaded it to my phone, created my bacteria "H1N10" (the bigger the number the more deadly right?), and cleverly guided it through its genetic mutations while it infected and killed millions... Continue Reading →

A Smashing Nintendo Sale!!!! – Week 4

The fourth and final week of the Super Smashing Sale has arrived. Wii U Titles: -Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze $29.99 -Donkey Kong $3.49 -Donkey Kong Jr. $3.49 -Kirby's Dream Land 3 $4.99 -Kirby and the Amazing Mirror $4.99 -PAC-MAN and the... Continue Reading →

A Smashing Nintendo Sale!!! – Week 3

Well week 3 of Nintendos Smashing Sale is here (I'm a day or two late, I know)! Wii U Titles: -Pokemon Rumble U $10.99 -Metroid $3.49 -Wii Fit U $19.99 3DS Titles: -Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity $24.99 -Pokémon... Continue Reading →

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