Gaming Onus

A Journal Chronicling my Gaming Journeys

How to Talk to Your Father-in-Law About Games

Trying to discuss games with my father-in-law.

When to be Brave and Default on a Game

How do you know when to quit a game?

Spider-Man French Fries

Marve's Spider-Man was a delight to swing around in, even if it felt a little stale at times.

Night in the Woods – My Last Night

The reality of life is crushing, but you're friends and family are there to lighten the load.

taking a break

After completing Red Dead Redemption 2, I don't know how to play other games.

Unresolved Business in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead 2's handling of side quests/story lines is disappointing.

Play Style: “Authentic”

Self-imposed rules of playing a game in character leads to stress and fun.

Night in the Woods – We’re all Animals Just Trying to Survive

Still playing Night in the Woods, Still feeling bummed about life.

Apex Legends is Good, But I Won’t Play

I don't know if I'll be jumping on this hype-train.

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